Kujianika; Citizen’s Yvonne Okwara blurts out something on air that makes it obvious she watches KTN at home

Yvonne Okwara, Linda Ogutu and Sophia Wanuna were once known as the KTN trio. They were the top girls on TV, and were all working at Kenyatta Avenue. This was before Royal Media Services instigated an invasion, raiding the Standard Group and Nation Media Group, and procuring top notch journalists like Nimrod Taabu, Jamila Mohammed and Linus Kaikai from the latter, and Joe Ageyo, Mashrima Kapombe and Yvonne Okwara herself from the former.

While the rest seem to have found a new loving nest to perch on and settle in, it would appear that in Yvonne Okwara’a case, it remains that KTN is home (you see what I did there?)

During this week’s episode of Newsgang, a show which she hosts alongside Joe Ageyo, Linus Kaikai, Francis Gachuri and Jamila Mohammed, Yvonne Okwara blurted something that gave her away, making it pretty obvious that she tunes in to KTN at home, and not her current employer.

This week, as several counties began debating the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020, KTN news had an exclusive to with Nyeri County Assembly nominated member, Julia Wanjiku. It was an exclusive, meaning no other channel was airing it.

She came through for the Gideon Moi owned station too, giving them a scoop. She let it known to the interviewer that Nyeri County Assembly would be through with the bill by 23rd of February.

During Newsgang, as the group of media political analysts were talking about BBI, and where the entire process was likely to lead, Yvonne found herself saying that she was watching TV the other day, and saw an MCA from Nyeri saying that the county will have concluded the process by 23rd.

Perhaps realising what she had just admitted to, she changed the topic swiftly, asking Ageyo a question, and letting him jump in.
After this she chose her words carefully for the rest of the show, determined not to mess up again.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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