Kisumu’s Sunset Hotel Declared Bankrupt, Sends Employees Packing

One of the oldest high end restaurants in the lakeside region has been declared bankrupt after experiencing loses over the years.

Employees in the hotel have been declared redundant, which has left over fifty people jobless who haven’t been paid since November of last year. Suppliers of the hotel are also distraught over unpaid dues, something the hotel management say they will take up and ensure every penny it owes, will be paid.

Sunset hotel has accumulated losses of up to 117million shillings as of end of June 2017. This is according to the auditor General Edward Ouko’s report. He adds that the fall of the once crème de la crème of hotels in Kisumu can be attributed to the failure to refurnish the facility which is one of the hospitality industry requirements. The hotel has remained the same over the years and people opt for the upgraded hotels unlike sunset hotel.

Mr. Joseph Oduor, who is the general manager, admits the hotel has been struggling for a while . He says the workers and suppliers will be paid in bits until the money owed is cleared in full.

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    Written by Belindar Momanyi

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