Kingi’s strange claim; Raila gets goodies from both Uhuru and Ruto but takes them to Nyanza!

Kilifi county governor Amason Kingi traversed his county in a bid to popularise his Pamoja African Alliance party in an eventful day that started with some unusual remarks which others found hard to believe, and concluded with him running into a hostile crowd in the area of Ganze.

Earlier on before the melee, Magarini member of parliament who also happens to be brother to Kilifi governor Honourable Michael Kingi launched a scathing attack against the Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga.

The younger Kingi who is said to habour ambitions of succeeding his brother said that as far as the Blue Economy plan is concerned, it was only right and logical that it starts at the coast of the Indian Ocean, which is the coastal region.

However, Michael Kingi wondered, claiming that whenever Raila Odinga is given something by President Uhuru, he rushes and takes it to the lake, meaning Nyanza. He went ahead to claim that whenever the former Prime Minister is again given something by deputy president William Ruto, he once more rushes with it to the lake. He maintained that it was this kind of discriminatory and preferential treatment that made them form the Pamoja African Alliance party which will look out for the interests of the coastal people.

Through Mr Kingi, ODM bagged a majority of seats in the Kilifi County assembly, clinching 27 out of the 35 slots.

In the recent past, the governor has led sustained efforts to establish a Coastal party, and ruled out joining any of the major players. In August, during the funeral of Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya’s mother in Samburu, the second-term governor vowed he would not join Dr Ruto’s UDA party.

“For how long will Coast resident continue to be political tenants? I won’t join you since we must have our own house,” he said.

Mr Kingi, who is serving his second and final term as governor, has been accused by some Kilifi politicians of positioning himself to continue running the county by proxy after the elections in August next year.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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