Kimani Wamatangi in trouble over deadbeat Dad claims after expose by ex-house girl for not providing for their daughter

Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi has been caught up in the middle of a storm with his former house girl Winfred Wangui who he impregnated and sired a child with.

Wamatangi who is also the Senate Majority Whip has been accused of failing to pay school fees for his daughter who he allegedly sired after he sexually assaulted Wangui in 2006 in his home.

Wangui would give birth to the child in 2007, leaving her with no option but to co-parent with Wamatangi.

The minor who has been invited to join State House Gils after excelling in her KCPE exams is now staring at the possibility of dropping out of school her impoverished mother has been unable to raise the required fees.

K24 brought the matter to light confirming that they “have copies of the State House Girls’ High School calling”.

Wamatangi’s daughter sat her KCPE exams at Crowns King Academy in Juja farm, Kiambu county, excelling with 391 marks that would see her secure a spot at State House Girls.

The matter would land in court in 2019 with a Nairobi Children’s Court issuing a decree ordering Wamatangi to take care of her daughter’s education and all school-related expenses – orders that the lawmaker is accused of disregarding according to the publication.

“School fees is paid termly and therefore it is not a monthly maintenance. The defendant (Wamatangi) shall pay school fees as per the school fees structure. He shall also pay school fees related expenses,” reads a section of the ruling by Hon M. Murage.

The Senator was also ordered to meet her daughter’s medical expenses and in addition, take a medical cover for the minor who remained in the care of the mother.

Wangui on the other hand was ordered to take care of rent, clothing and miscellaneous expenses of the young girl.

The worried mother now claims that she has hit a dead end with the lawmaker failing to take up his fatherly roles and had instead been taking them in circles.

“The girl has received an admission letter to a good school but I cannot manage to raise the required money. Wamatangi, who is the father of the bright girl, blocked me and failed to respond to my text messages that I wrote to him reminding him of his role,” Wangui who works as a casual labourer told a section of the press.
Virginia Wanjiku, the grandmother to the young girl also weighed in on the matter saying that Wamatangi has been sending the school fees money through his proxies, money that the minor’s mother says is hardly enough and totals to 5000.

“I cry every day because of that girl. You may hate me because I am poor but take up your responsibility seriously. Your daughter has not been sleeping since the exam results were announced over fears of whether she will continue with education or not,” said the minor’s grandmother.

The panic-stricken elderly woman said she will sell her only cow to raise the school fees required.

Efforts to reach Wamatangi for a comment has been futile as his phone has not been going through and he has not responded to text messages sent to him since June 29.

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