Kimani Ngunjiri attends Lanet airport construction tour with governor Lee Kinyanjui, blasts tanga tanga MPs

When Bahati member of parliament Kimani Ngunjiri sent shockwaves across the country by defying tanga tanga’s stand and voting in favour of the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020 popularly known as BBI, he quickly moved to do damage control, declaring that his yes vote didn’t mean he had left the DP’s camp but rather a conscience based decision.


However, if his latest move and strong statements yesterday in Lanet are anything to go by, then it appears that Ngunjiri’s display of defiance in parliament was just but the beginning of his departure from tanga tanga.


Nakuru County governor Lee Kinyanjui had gone on an inspection tour of the ongoing upgrade of the Lanet Airport, which is expected to serve both civilian and military airplanes. Governor Lee was accompanied by Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri.


Governor Lee said that the facelift was just but an initial step in the construction process, but the eventual goal is to create traffic so as to turn the facility into a bustling transport center. He also said that he hopes the airport, when complete, would support the other activities that provide the County’s lifeline such as tourism and horticulture.


When the Bahati MP started speaking, he was less diplomatic than the governor, and more combative.

He started by thanking the governor and the Kenya Airports Authority for inviting him.

He then went ahead to say that he was glad to see the construction work and development going on, and for that reason, he could no longer complain like before.

He said that the reason he complained in the past was because he was never invited to be part of the exercises.


He went on to blast unnamed legislators from Nakuru who never honour invites to witness development programs, and then walk around complaining that the president isn’t bringing any development in the region.[0]=AT0wUUTC7Gw0gaO3amheSQOscgRRFXLVLoNDc48xhnvkL8ROyhAm4F_s1gnwEVelteukje7Wr2Nhlr-8uxM4ysXT4HRSqDvNznPZh_JYuHUPYDI3KHD3gIMo2hIEht6MCPqCtovOMP5EHTl0rkj3H9sZgAZj7amaLBZbFwKcn8e96ts

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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