Killer cop Caroline Kangogo instills fear in the lively Supa Sato with Bi. Mswafari

The effects of the murderous antics of rogue police officer Caroline Kangogo Chemutai are being felt beyond her killing fields, in areas that had previously been considered out of her reach and influence.


Caroline Kangogo is suspected of being behind two murder incidents spread across the country; one in Nakuru, and the other in Kiambu. However, it now emerging that the effects of her nefarious acts are being felt in the head offices of Royal Media Services in Kilimani, Nairobi.


Supa Sato, which is a TV show about social issues, and airs every Saturday immediately after Citizen Nipashe Wikendi stars the popular Bi. Mswafari, and others. Over the weekend, the host, Lulu Hassan, had asked about polygamy, and asked viewers to say which one, between the families of the first wife and second wife, brings about problems. While some of the shows fans went ahead to give their views, one specific comment by a particular fan on Citizen TV’s Facebook page attracted attention.

A fearful follower by the names Gilbert Alukwe expressed his fear of commenting on the issue due to the reason that Caroline Kangogo may be going through the comments, and taking names.

An apprehensive Alukwe wrote,

Gilbert Alukwe

For fear of kangongo the killer woman cop I won’t comment pretty sure she’s going thro the comments here to see my opinion…

Corporal Carolyne Kangogo, 34, is on the run since the death of Constable John Ogweno whose bullet-riddled body was on Monday found inside his car at the Kasarani Police Station in Nakuru.

But as detectives were conducting a search for her, police in Kiambu reported that she had spent the night with Peter Ndwiga, whose body was found at a hotel room in Ruiru.

Preliminary investigations show that the two had booked room number 107 at Hotel Dedamax at 4pm on Monday where they spent the night.
Detectives are looking for the female Police Officer who has gone berserk and is on a killing spree

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