Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi kicked Out Of ODM Party Leadership Post

Kilifi County Governor Amason Kingi has been kicked out from the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s led Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party chairmanship post in his county.

According to reports by Kenyan Report,  the Kilifi County boss was evicted from the ODM party chairperson post in the county and was immediately replaced by Ganze Member of Parliament Teddy Mwambire.

The Kilifi governor was reportedly ousted from the post citing disloyalty to the Orange Democratic Movement party.

Reports further indicated that the county boss was considered disloyal after calling for the formation of a new political party from the coastal region.

“We want a political outfit with its roots being from the coastal region. If it’s a party or a coalition it will not have candidates from the coastal region only it will have contestants from Nyanza, Western, and even Central,” he stated.

The lawmaker had earlier asserted that the ODM party had a strong support base in Kilifi and called upon politicians who wants to quit Raila’s boat to do so before the 2022 General Election.

Kingi in January 2021 reportedly declared that he would lead the coastal region into a new political party and a section of leaders from the coastal region seconded his idea.

“The people in the region are tired of being treated like second-class citizens during every poll and we demand to be recognized as we have more than 1.7 million registered voters,” the governor stated.

“I thank Coastal leaders for not attending the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) launch. Coast will not be used to fill the baskets of others,” the Governor added.

The county boss further declared a five-month deadline for the formation of the new political outfit which ended in June 2021.

The lawmaker’s efforts vanished into a thin air after leaders of three political outfits refused to let go of their parties in favor of one coastal political party.

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    Written by Emily Odeny

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