Kikuyu Nation thirsts for BBI but hates President Uhuru for embracing Raila Odinga and Luos

Mt Kenya residents know a number of their economic problems will be solved by the BBI, especially the provision meant to enforce the one man, one shilling mantra the region has been rallying behind. However, the Kikuyu Nation has been a playground for toxic political messaging, fueled by aboherrence towards one man. President Uhuru is so hated in Central Kenya today because he has embraced ‘kimundu’. Rural Kikuyus are brainwashed, that anything touched by Raila Odinga and Luos is pure evil.

It is in Mt Kenya, that leaders would rather vend the ”Raila fear” as opposed to manifestos. And sure as hell, they get elected to office, not because of the strength of their manifestos but how sharp was is their tongues are against Raila Odinga and his community.

The region is caught between a rock and a hard place. The BBI, according to a number of residents who have read the document and understood its content, will immensely benefit the region. Additional constituencies translate to more resources for the locals. This is not the only benefit. For the first time since independence, more money will be sent to the county governments, unlike previously. In addition to these, there is the Ward Fund, for every part of the republic.

However, an average Mt Kenya, who has spent their entire teenage feeding on hate against Raila Odinga and the Luos would rather reject money to his constituency than join Raila Odinga in advocating for more resources to their homes. This is one of the problems the BBI is trying to solve. Politics of hate that has run for years.

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    Written by Albert




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