Kihika plays peacemaker between new UDA entrant Waiguru and Ngirici

As fears of a fallout by Kirinyaga Women Representative Purity Ngirici occasioned by Anne Waiguru’s entry into the United Democratic Alliance party engulfed the Deputy President’s camp, Nakuru senator Susan Kihika emerged as peacemaker between the two. Interestingly, her own county of Nakuru teeters on the precipice of collapse from a possible impending superiority battle between her and Bahati constituency member of parliament Kimani Ngunjiri.

As news of Waiguru’s defection to UDA hit the airwaves, Nakuru senator Susan Kihika was among the first to express jubilation at the incident. Being one of those who received her alongside Aisha Jumwa in Karen, the senator tweeted,

Sen. Susan Kihika
Delighted to have received my sister Gov Anne Waiguru and over THIRTY MCA’s including their Speaker and ML from Kirinyaga County into UDA. Chama ni UDA Form ni HUSTLER Mpango ni BOTTOM UP!

However, as fears began being expressed of a possible fallout arising from discomfort by Kirinyaga Women Representative Purity Ngirici at Waiguru’s arrival, Susan soon posted another tweet which read,

Sen. Susan Kihika
If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. Chama ni UDA Form ni Hustler Mpango ni Bottom Up

The seemingly mediatory tweet appeared to calm down any fears or ill feeling that either the Ngirici camp or Waiguru camp may have had.
Purity Ngirici has expressed interest in the county’s gubernatorial position, setting up a clash with the current governor Anne Waiguru. She has been one of the governor’s harshest critics.

Just recently, Ngirici had fired an opening salvo, daring governor Waiguru to join UDA to compete with her in the party’s nominations. The first-time lawmaker, however, warned that she was ready to quit UDA should the party hand Waiguru the party’s nomination on a silver platter.
Ngirici noted that she is not tied to UDA as a goat and can leave anytime she feels she is not treated fairly. Ngirici who has already made clear her intention to unseat Waiguru noted that she is not afraid to compete with the governor in any political arena.

“I am not afraid of any possible competition from Waiguru, who is still listening to… the ground,” Ngirici said.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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