Kidum; I would have made Masawe Japani and Tina Ogal my women if I had wanted

It would now appear like the country’s musicians have gone on a rampage. Barely weeks after Juliani, a Hip-hop artiste, ended up with the wife of one of the country’s top governors, now Kidum is claiming that he would have once easily taken the wife of one of the country’s top executives.

In a major pronouncement that is likely to rub Masawe Japani’s powerful husband, Tom Japani the wrong way, Burundian Kenyan-based Afro-fusion singer Kidum has now come out to sensationally claim that were it not for his strict religious beliefs coupled with a lack of interest, he would have had his way with two of Kenya’s biggest female radio presenters in the names of Radio Jambo’s Masawe, and Tina Ogal of Radio Citizen.

Kidum said this while appearing on the week’s episode of Churchill’s show, Journey Series hosted by comedian Dan Ndambuki popularly known as Churchill.

While responding to a question about whether he is getting the airplay that he would require in media houses, Kidum said that the present situation was quite ironic, and not just for him but for many musicians as well. He revealed that unlike in the past when increased airplay automatically translated to more sales thus more income, nowadays, such depends on someone’s following on social media.

”Those ones who have managed to buy many followers manage to make more money through their bogus wide coverage. Consequently, radio plays them, with the assumption that their material is what people want to hear”

Recapping when he first started, he disclosed that he owes his success largely to Masawe Japani and Tina Ogal, who made sure they had his songs on rotation, and pushed them as much as they could. He said that the chemistry between him and the two was so sizzling that had he wanted to scoop them, he could easily have managed to do so, but didn’t only because he was quite religious.
Curiously, immediately he said this, he remembered to mention that he was the guest singer in Tom Japani and Masawe Japani’s wedding. Whether pointing out this was by design or default wasn’t something that could be easily established.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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