Kibicho’s reconciliation with Waiguru, Orengo’s outburst, and the connection.

Two events followed each other in such close proximity within a single week, that it has now raised more questions than answers. 

Mid last week, Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho met with Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru, and ironed out their differences.

The two reconciled last Wednesday during a closed door leaders’ meeting in Sagana town, a meeting whose agenda was described as “A BBI campaign strategy for Kirinyaga County and central Kenya by extension.”

The words in this description would later on come to carry a lot of significance when two days later, while in Ratado village, Ugenya constituency, Siaya County, Senate Minority leader and Siaya senator James Orengo sent a warning to a certain PS in Harambee House who, he said, was trying to sabotage Raila’s political ambitions, thus endangering the handshake.

While the PS remains unnamed, it isn’t lost on observers that Karanja Kibicho, who is arguably the most powerful PS in the country is based at Harambee House. 

The Sagana meeting between Kibicho and Waiguru seemed like one of utmost importance, and even had the air of a state affair. The meeting also brought together ward representatives, Senator Charles Kibiru and Infrastructure Principal Secretary Paul Maringa. 

Questions are now being asked about what those at the meeting could have discussed, and its relevance to BBI. Waiguru has in the past been touted as one of the top contenders for the Kikuyu leadership mantle after Uhuru exits the scene. There was even a time Waiguru had been considered as the Kikuyu of choice to represent the community as Ruto’s running mate before the fallout with his boss became too stark to let such interactions continue.

Kibicho, has , on the other hand, been accused by several top leaders of spearheading government’s effort to interfere with sectors they have no jurisdiction over.Before their reconcilation, even Waiguru once accused him of overreach.

She accused Dr Kibicho of meddling in the controversial Sh15 million Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) project in Wamumu and challenged him to resign and join politics.During the visit, Dr Kibicho appeared to blame the delay in building the project on Governor Waiguru’s administration.”What is PS Kibicho’s interest in this project?” Ms Waiguru asked then.

Observers now wonder what Waiguru’s role in the whole issue may be, and the Mudavadi factor, if it does indeed happen to be that Orengo was talking about Kibicho.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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