Khalwale’s hilarious explanation of why his views on DP Ruto changed.

In an incredible and abrupt unexpected ambush, Abubakar Abdullahi caught former Kakamega senator Bonny Khalwale off guard with verbatim of his previous scathing attack on DP William Ruto. He paused, “Hon. Khalwale, why have your views changed? In the past, you questioned Ruto’s source of wealth. You once said, and I quote, William Ruto, tunajua mshahara wako (we know your salary), yet you own Dolphin Hotel. You own four helicopters, of which one costs 300 million, and another, 350 million…where did the money to afford all this come from?”


When Khalwale, who appeared pushed to the corner responded to the question that had been paused to him, the response was not only amusing but also outright priceless.

All this was unfolding on channel TV47’s political show Pundits Night, which was hosted by Abubakar Abdullahi. The other guests on the show alongside Khalwale were former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Farah Maalim, and Kitutu Chache South member of parliament Richard Onyonka.

Khalwale said although it is indeed true that in the past he had cast doubt on the legality of the DP’s source of wealth, after spending time with him, something had taken place which had made him change his mind.

He said that he still maintains what he said before, and that the DP’s salary alone is not enough to sustain the financial activities which he had been carrying out. However, he hastened to add that during the time he has been spending with Dr. William Ruto, not only has he known him better, but has also gotten an insider’s view of the running of his businesses, and this made him realise and appreciate the other source of the Deputy President’s wealth.

Khalwale went on to emphasise the point that the hustler movement wasn’t about marginalising or targeting the rich, but rather, empowering the poor so that it could create a level and fair playground.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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