Khalwale celebrates as man is gored to death by bull-fighting heifer in Kakamega

Strange and disturbing events unfolded in Mutetemo village, Kakamega, raising eyebrows. A fierce and rouge bull rammed into a man, thrusting its frame into him, and leading to his death. While this was undoubtedly disheartening and upsetting, what was more unsettling was the conduct and actions of former Kakamega senator Bonny Khalwale.

Even as the man was pronounced dead, there was no single message of condolence or mere wishes from the politician on his Twitter online accounts, if only as a form of acknowledgment.
It is worth noting that Dr. Bonny Khalwale is considered the defacto leader of Bull fighting in the country. Despite this, instead of consoling with a comrade, Khalwale was celebrating Manchester United’s win over the weekend against Everton.

On the crucial date of December 11th, Khalwale wrote,

Dr Boni Khalwale, CBS
Dec 11
A great display of pressing football by @ManUtd with a positive result in what has been a very physical game.

Joseph Opanda who was 40 years old was among a group of people in Mutetemo village within Mumias East sub-county in Kakamega county that were practicing for the mega Bull-fighting event that’s scheduled for December 26th which will be Boxing Day.

Even more unusual was the fact that the murderous bull had only been acquired early this month. It belonged to the late Joseph Opanda’s younger brother who bought it for 95, 000 shillings.
Village elders declared that a creature which had taken a life is unfit to continue living among humans, and for that reason, it would have to be put down They didn’t specify what would happen after the bull had been put down, and whether it would perhaps be burned as an appeasement offertory or part of a ritual.

Opanda’s younger brother, who is also the owner of the rogue bull, welcomed the decision by the old men and said that he had no opposition whatsoever to the steps proscribed. He said that he was ready to do whatever it took to ensure that the homestead is cleansed of any evil spirit or ill-luck that may have been brought about by the murderous bull. He agreed that even if it took putting the bull down then it was a price he was willing to pay.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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