Khaligraph Jones’s Candid advise while responding to claims of remaining silent on recent Police killings

Celebrated Kenyan rapper Brian Robert Ouko alias Kaligraph Jones has finally broken his silence addressing accusations of neglect following the recent police brutality currently on the rise in the Country.

Firing back at his critics condemning him for not being part of the crusaders castigating the act, the Hip-Hoper noted that he can only influence and push for change through his huge influence.

The award-winning rapper went on to state that he is not a Member of Parliament, neither does he hold any public officer to warrant such pressure from the public.

The OG also took part in advising people to cast their votes wisely as we head to the electioneering period, noting that this would give everyone power to effect the needed changes.

“OG is not Your Member of Parliament, I can only influence and push for Change but I am no politician, I hold no public office, as we head to the Elections Kindly Remember to vote wisely, I will not be there with you as you cast your vote but you will have the power to change everything meanwhile we will Continue Being Activists condemning everything that is wrong with That said, End police Brutality and End the Curfew, Respect The Ogs” said Khaligraph Jones.

His words comes hours after outspoken blogger Cyprian Nyakundi took him head on pointing that he had neglected his Kayole people following the police brutalities witnessed in the Country recently.

“Today Kayole has been burning with chaos after police arrested a 38-year old man for violating curfew. Khaligraph who derives his street cred from affiliation with Kayole, did not say a word.

In essence, Khaligraph no longer represents the streets but is a promoter of vanity, consumerism and partisan politics. We all knew he’s a sell-out when literally begged for a meeting with Ruto, only to be handed a paltry 40K together with his fellow sell-outs.

He has lost his identity in pursuit of clout and fame. Sad to see” wrote Nyakundi.

The residents of Nairobi’s Kayole estate took to the streets yesterday while demonstrating over the death of a 38 year old man by police officers enforcing curfew in the area.

He however responded that he has been away for sometime, but that does not stop him from condemning police brutality noting that it has been too much on his people.

“Just Too Much Bana, sorry been absent for a minute but shit maze, its Messed up out Here, polisi Wanatumia Curfew Kama excuse ya Kuumiza Raiyaa. Watu wanakufa Kila siku, sai Imefika mpaka Mtaa Yangu Kayole Maze, Serikali ya Kenya Imelala, ama Watu wakuje warushe Mawe uko statehouse ndio Mujue ni ukweli Raiyaa Inaumia? Cause vile kunaenda Uko ndio ni kama watu wanakuja Next. #endpolicebrutalityinkenya” said Papa Jones.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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