Khaligraph Jones’ Mother Offers Prayer For His New Album

Hip Hop artist Khaligraph Jones, on Sunday, revealed that his mother paid him a visit at his Karen home.

Taking to his Instagram page, the rapper revealed that his mother carried with her a bible during her visit. According to him, the bible is his mother’s “most powerful weapon”.

“Mom’s came through armed with her most powerful weapon, The Bible, it was a good day, Prayer works,” he captioned a photo of him and his mother.

Following the visit, a curious social media follower asked Khaligraph if he gave his mother his new music album to listen to so that she could pray for it.

Khalighraph Jones and his mother. Photo: Courtesy

“Aliekewa album aiskize ndio aipige blessing?” One kayvohSenior asked.

Responding to the follower, the Champez hitmaker noted that it was obvious for his mother to listen to his songs as well as pray for their success.

“@kayvosenior kama kawa bro,” he replied.

The revelation that his mother prays for his songs, comes months after the rapper revealed in a radio interview that his mother is a preacher.

In the interview, the 31-year-old rapper revealed that he was raised in a Christian family and his mother is still preaching the word of God.

“Yes, exactly. My mother is in the ministry. She is a preacher. Even as we speak, she is still ministering in the church,” Khaligraph said.

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    Written by George Okello

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