Kenyatta family member reveals family’s uncertainty; Uhuru is yet to give us direction as family

A member of the Kenyatta family has now come out to expose the uncertainty and lack of a clear direction within the powerful family, with just slightly over a year remaining before the country heads to the polls in August of next year.


The family, which is one of the biggest, and most influential political forces in the country is rumoured to always hold a mammoth meeting before a major decision is reached and an announcement is made. Their decisions oftenly affect the route of the country.
Member of the Kikuyu Council of Elders, and also Uhuru Kenyatta’s cousin, Captain Kung’u Muigai, disclosed that even up to now, his cousin the president was yet to convene a meeting of the larger Kenyatta family, to discuss the next political move, and their way forward as a family.


Captain Kung’u was speaking on ntv’s Kigoda Chako, hosted by Swaleh Salim.

This revelation is likely to revive the nagging problem that has been disturbing the Mount Kenya region, and which has seen a good number of leaders complain about the cloud of confusion hanging over the region, and occasioned by Uhuru’s apparent indecision and lack of clear strategy.


In the wide ranging interview which also touched on the controversial enthronement ceremony of National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi as the spokesperson of the council of elders, Kung’u said that they had settled on Muturi because according to them, he was the best pick. He added that this didn’t disqualify other candidates deemed worthy, and that if anyone has a proposed candidate who they believe deserves the post, then it’s up to them to forward their preferred candidate.

And in what appeared as an insinuation that the president himself was complicit in the swearing in of Muturi, Kung’u said that while he was yet to get an encouragement message from the president over the exercise, he equally was yet to get an complaint from him.


Touching on the issue of the handshake, he echoed the president’s words that the initiative was not political as far as he knew, and Uhuru was yet to tell him that he plans to back Raila Odinga in 2022.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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