Kenyans Want DP Ruto To Come Clean On Harun Aydin’s Saga, As New Details Emerge On His Aborted Trip To Uganda

A section of Kenyans is now calling upon the deputy president of Kenya William Ruto to come clean and disclose his main objective of traveling with Turkish friend Harun Aydin to the banana republic before being stopped at Willson Airport by the immigration officials.

The second in Command in an incident that occurred several weeks back is reported to have been barred from traveling to the Banana Republic on allegations that he was traveling with an alleged terror suspect who is claimed to be the Deputy President’s friend.

The incident elicited a heated debate from a section of Kenyans with politicians allied to the Second in command expressing their displeasure on how the DP was handled at the airport as others demanded to know why the Deputy President trip was aborted.

Speaking after the incident, the no nonsense Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiangi cleared the air revealing that the DP’s Turkish friend Harun Aydin’s Passport had not been stamped with the authorized authority meaning he had sneaked into the country.

Responding on the same DP Ruto stated that he was helping the Turkish businessman to secure Ksh 15 billion project loan that he was working on in Uganda adding that that the government was trying to frustrate his investors to stop his bottom-up economic approach and thwart his presidential ambition as well.

However, an official from Equity bank has denied giving DP Ruto’s Turkish friend Harun Aydin Ksh. 15 billion prompting Kenyans to call upon the Second in Command to come clean and disclose what transpired.

“It’s time the deputy president comes clean about his relationship with Harun. Let him tell us the truth,” one user identified as Robert Alli stated.

“I don’t know what to say about this but all I know is that Ruto wasn’t clean about his involvement with Aydin,” another user added.

“Why don’t you guys Summon him for him to answer all these questions instead of yapping from the background,” one user Ben Owino weighed in.

“Why are you guys looking for ways to try and crucify the deputy president. Let him do his thing,” Mary posed.

“There is something fishy about all of this and UDA members know what it is,” Paul opined.

“Let him tell Kenyans the truth, we are not stupid. But again no politician has ever been open and straight,” Faith Mumbi stated.

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    Written by Emily Odeny

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