Kenei’s father discloses son was miserable at DP’s office and wanted transfer.

Mzee John Chesang, father to the slain AP officer who was attached to the Deputy President’s office, and who was murdered last year under unclear circumstances has spoken out on the issue conclusively for the first time since his son’s burial.

Although it is yet to be fully established, sergeant Kenei’s death is thought to be connected to a fake arms deal scandal that involved former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa, and which is said to have unfolded within the premises of the DP’s office.

John Chesang who cut the image of a heartbroken man that is increasingly getting frustrated and disillusioned by the direction that the investigation of his son’s murder is taking, expressed disappointment in the progress of the case so far.

Mzee Chesang was speaking on a KTN feature by Duncan Khaemba aired yesterday that sought to revisit the murder of the young policeman, and the progress made in resolving the case so far.

John Chesang revealed that even before his son was killed, he had expressed misery and unhappiness while working at the DP’s office. He said that Kenei was in the process of looking for a transfer after what he felt was discrimination and alienation which he was subjected to by the other officers and staff working at the place.

Mzee Chesang said that while the rest of the workers were from the Nandi subtribe of the Kalenjin, his son was a Turgen, and this created a rift. He said Kenei would often find himself alone and isolated.

Mzee Chesang also went ahead to raise questions about DP William Ruto’s conduct which he found questionable and troubling.

He pointed out that during Kenei’s funeral service, Ruto said he didn’t know that the dead Kenei was his son. Pondering on this statement, Chesang posed a number of questions; what exactly did the DP mean by this? What if he had known Kenei was my son? Would things have been different? And does it mean that he was in a position to make things go one way or the other?

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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