Kavindu addresses ex-husband issue for the first time since her win

Politicians are known to have mastered the art of double speak. What a politician will say when looking for votes is very different from what she will say once she has safely secured victory and doesn’t need voters or their votes anymore.

When UDA Chairman’s ex-wife Kavindu was looking for votes, during the campaign she made sure to urge her voters to treat her ex-husband, Johnstone Muthama, with respect regardless of what their political differences may be because he remains the father of her children.

However, people were curious to know what she would say after her landslide win, and whether she would maintain a similar narrative.

Speaking in Kalandini, Matungulu constituency, Machakos County, Agnes Kavindu spoke about the issue, and what she had to say was interesting.

She started by thanking Machakos people for having faith in her and electing her as their representative after they had thought otherwise earlier on. This was in reference to her previous unsuccessful stab at the Senatorial seat in 2017 when she ran for the position on a Jubilee party ticket but was unsuccessful, managing only 95,000 votes.

She then went ahead to say that the results of the election were a clear indication that Machakos voters had matured and it wouldn’t be possible for them to be blinded by politics of handouts and backbiting.

She then went straight to addressing the issue of her ex-husband, and she maintained her previous stand, despite the by-election being over. She called upon everyone to treat her husband with respect, regardless of their political differences. She particularly singled out the social media, especially asking them to accord her ex-husband some respect, instead of writing contemptuous things about him.

The Muthamas family wrangles had been a conspicuous feature of the by-election, with Johnstone Muthama at one point almost engaging in a physical scuffle with his former party leader Kalonzo Musyoka during a church service.

After this, Muthama’s children also threw themselves in the squabbling, choosing their father’s side, and one of them going as far as calling Agnes Kavindu “worse than the devil”.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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