Karma is real; Amario’s squabbling kids now provide entertainment for blogs and tabloids

In the 90s, some parts of Kenya lived under the mercy of ruthless mobster Fai Amario, as authorities described him. Amario, convicted and jailed multiple times, operated like a one-man army, instilling fear in, not only citizens, but also security officers and fellow rival criminals as well, prosecutors said. Wherever he went he left terror in his wake, and wreaked havoc and unrest in equal measure. His reputation grew to mythical status and he became an urban legend, with some arguing that he didn’t even really exist and was just a creation of the media. Kenya’s version of Al Capone. Fast forward, ten years after his death, and the sorry state in which his family now lives is total proof that crime doesn’t pay. This is after the media highlighted an ongoing court case of his fighting children.
Marsha Dee Amario, daughter to late Fai Amario, is demanding monthly upkeep from her father’s estate. 

According to a local daily publication, Marsha is seeking to be paid Ksh134,000 monthly for upkeep.
In an application to the court, the 32-year-old wants her brother, Miki Ng’ang’a compelled to pay her the said amount. The two have been feuding for a while now over what is left of their father’s property.

Ng’ang’a is the administrator of the later former trader’s estate which is valued at Ksh487 million.
Marsha told the court that she has been living with a disability for over a year, and needs the money to survive before the succession matters can be sorted out.

She told the court that her late father’s company, Fai Amarillo Ltd, rakes in over Ksh28 million every four months, whereas his brother pockets Ksh2 million every month.

Ng’ang’a has since accused his sister of giving false facts, urging the court to dismiss her application.

He stated that he is willing to support his sister, however, asked to be allowed to make the remittances in smaller bits.

Justice Teresia Matheka directed that the application proceed to hearing after the parties failed to come to a mutual understanding.

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