Karma is a b@!ch; Jacob “Ghost” Mulee’s low-libido disease

Schadenfreude is a German word made up of the words Schaden, meaning “harm”, and Freude meaning “joy.” By definition, schadenfreude means finding joy in someone else’s misfortune.


This week’s exclusive report by a leading local newspaper that Harambee Stars coach and Radio Jambo presenter Jacob “Ghost” Mulee has been suffering from a disease associated with low libido, might, to some, have been welcomed as Poetic Justice.


For years on end, Jacob “Ghost” Mulee has not only carefully developed, but also crafted and maintained his image. It has been consistent, and with time, it has come to define him, over the years, as an entertainer. This has become his trademark, and has branded him as one of the most recognisable and marketable personalities in the country.

Unfortunately, Ghost Mulee’s trademark is based on a very insensitive and schadenfreude character which has seen him, for years, invent a unique devilish laugh that chides callers of his show who are undergoing marital problems or sexual woes.

The drill is that a caller will reach out to patanisho show which is mainly run by his co-host Gidi. Soon as the caller has finished explaining the problems afflicting him, or her, in their love life, Ghost will suddenly erupt with his naughty laugh, making light of the forlorn caller’s troubling predicament.


However, as things are now turning out, Ghost himself is suffering from a disease that is not gentlemanly, so to speak.

Mulee has been diagnosed with a disease which is characterised by low libido.

Mulee said ear, nose and throat specialist Dr Kalpna Nagpla diagnosed him with a medical condition known as obstructive sleep apnea, which causes intense snoring and depletes oxygen from the body.

“It’s a condition that gets me snoring so much and sometimes I even stay for one and half minutes without breathing. The oxygen level goes below the normal,” he added.

Other symptoms associated with the condition include daytime sleepiness, snoring, gasping during sleep and insomnia.

There are also respiratory episodes of no breathing, breathing through the mouth, loud breathing or shortness of breath, hyperactivity or irritability.

Also common are fatigue, depression, dry mouth, grinding of the teeth, headache, lack of concentration, low libido, memory impairment and sore throat.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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