Karen Nyamu now turns focus to bashing BBI, risks loosing her big lucrative government job

After several days on-end of nonstop drama, city lawyer and State body director Karen Nyamu has now turned her attention to the Building Bridges Initiative, and this time she might have just picked a rival that will be too big for her, if Kibicho’s threat a while back is anything to go by. Over the last couple of days, so dramatic has Karen’s personal life been that one would hardly believe she holds one of the biggest jobs in the country, sitting on the same board with none other than Beryl Okumu, sister to the former Prime Minister and Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga.

Even as she now goes after the BBI which is arguably a political topic, it seems lost on everyone that this might be a violation of the civil service act.

Karen who is a director at the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company yesterday, during the day’s trending hashtag Congratulations Wakili, which was being used to congratulate law students who had passed the bar, said that she hoped to see the new lawyers fight the BBI. In her tweet, she wrote,

Karen Nyamu
congratulations wakili i’m waiting waiting to hear you say, ” my lord the BBI process is null and void”

Despite having unsuccessfully vied for public office on a Jubilee ticket back in 2017, it would now appear she is in the renegade group that has been opposing the BBI push, despite the president’s appeal to have people support it.

Earlier on, Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho spoke publicly, insinuating that public servants were not only expected to not oppose the BBI, but in fact, support it.


Following her most recent outburst concerning the BBI, all eyes are now trained on the so called system to see what step they’re likely to take.


Worth noting is that nominated Senator Millicent Omanga is expected to be one of Nyamu’s biggest competitors in next year’s elections. If indeed she has joined the tanga tanga wing of Jubilee, then it will be interesting to see how the two will fare, since Omanga happens to be one of the vanguards in tanga tanga.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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