Kang’ata finally reveals who leaked his famous letter to the president

When Senator Kang’ata’s letter to Uhuru Kenyatta was leaked to the public, the senator maintained that the letter was perfectly in order and pretty respectful, and that it was intended only for the president. He declared that the only reason the letter leaked was because of an evil scheme by a certain cabal to cast him in bad light.


However, he never exposed the identity of these people who he claimed were the reason behind everything that was going on at the moment.

However, since his ouster as the Senate Majority Chief Whip following the letter fiasco, and his subsequent joining of the deputy president aligned Jubilee wing of Tanga Tanga, he has become more blunt and daring in his statements.
This week he decided to go all out, even mentioning those who he believed were behind the leaking of his letter.

Kang’ata was speaking on Citizen TV’s Wednesday late night show, JKL, hosted by Jeff Koinange.

Kang’ata said that he was certain it was Raphael Tuju who was behind the leaking of the letter. He further went on to say that if by any chance it so happened to be that it wasn’t the Jubilee party secretary general, then it surely had to have been the majority leader in the Senate, Samuel Poghisio.

The reason he gave for mentioning the two was that they were the only ones with who he had shared the letter.

Very early in the year, senator Kang’ata caused a stir in the country when he wrote a letter to the president, cautioning him about BBI. In the letter, Kang’ata said that although the BBI had in it some very good recommendations, the whole popularisation drive to market it and promote it among Mount Kenya people had been wanting. Because of this, he said that the document was pretty unpopular amongst people there.

Basing his conclusion on a survey he had apparently conducted, he said that only 2 in ten people within the region supported the document.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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