Kandara MP Alice Wahome dramatically threatens to walk out of live TV interview in heated arguement

Kandara Member of Parliament Alice Wahome earlier today threatened ton walk out of an interview following a heated argument with the Eldas legislator Aden Keynan.

Speaking during the Citizen Television interview, Wahome claimed that her Eldas counterpart was among the lucky legislators pocketing 1Million shillings per month in form of mileage allowance.

The DP Ruto ardent supporter went on to add that mileage allowance was the largest cartel they have in the house.

“If the distance from your home to parliament is less than 750Km, then you don’t have mileage. Lawmakers who live beyond there like him (pointing towards Keynan), earn over Ksh 1 million a month for mileage,” Wahome stated.

In his response Keynan stated that he did not take the remarks kindly, accusing Wahome of falsifying the same on live TV.

“Act with a bit of decorum and respect, that was not the topic of discussion,” he stated before Wahome threatened to walk out and leave Keynan to debate alone.

“These are the male chauvinists that we will not accept,” she accused.

This pushed the moderator to switching off their microphones when he was unable to control the situation.

The two legislators were discussing an article that appeared on Nation newspaper capturing the MPs having not received both their sitting and mileage allowances.

“We have been having a crunch, including that of travel allowance…Many times we have used our own money to travel and then wait for reimbursement…

“Keynan sits in the parliament commission and he knows that they have refused to streamline the mileage. Mileage is one of the biggest cartel business in parliament.

“I say so because they argue that they travel on the road but most of the times, they take flights. Mileage means you travel by car so they bring receipts that are not genuine,” she added.

Keynan then took Wahome down the memory lane reminding her that Salaries and remuneration commission was the sole body mandated with looking into the benefits all state officers were awarded.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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