Kamket; what I saw happening in West Pokot to Ruto showed me he’s now broke

Tiaty member of parliament William Kamket has sensationally claimed that he was witness to an incident involving the Deputy President William Ruto during his recent trip to West Pokot, which proved that his money taps are drying up. The DP has a reputation as a generous leader who doesn’t hold back in terms of financial donations to individuals, or self-help groups whenever he’s visiting a certain area.

Kamket made the startling claims while talking about Ruto’s bitter rival, Raila Odinga. He said that one thing which he has always admired with Raila is that, he has always had policies that are all inclusive and based on national philosophies. He said that this was why Raila could go to Uhuru Park and pull a huge crowd.

However, he added, the DP had no such ability, and only managed to pull huge crowds because of renting them.

He continued and said that the huge crowds that are always witnessed in DP Ruto’s rallies are people who have either been paid and ferried, and wondered for how long this could be maintained. He held it that although buying crowds to project an image of popularity may work for a while, it isn’t sustainable.

Kamket was speaking on K24 ‘s weekly political show, Punchline, which is hosted by Debarl Ainea. Also in attendance for the show was Kiharu constituency member of parliament Ndindi Nyoro, and former Nairobi County Assembly speaker Beatrice Elachi.

He went ahead to narrate, amidst giggles, a certain recent incident in West Pokot involving the Deputy President. He said that during his tour to West Pokot, he saw Ruto doing something that proved to all and sundry that he no longer has the financial resources he once had.

To the disappointment of the panel and eager viewers, he didn’t divulge the mystery action he has saw Ruto doing which was proof of his plummeted financial resources.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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