Just who is Fatuma Chege, and how is an unknown woman managing to shake the handshake?

Whenever there’s talk about tremors within the handshake agreement, which is an informal arrangement between President Uhuru and former PM, Raila Odinga, the usual suspects are always powerful men. Accusatory fingers may be pointed at either Interior PS Karanja Kibicho,or DP William Ruto.


It is however now emerging that the latest BBI scare which managed to send State operatives and political top dogs in a flurry of activities aimed at salvaging the situation was caused by one Fatuma Chege.


On Wednesday in Parliament, a rare and curious partnership took place briefly between Junet Mohammed and Adan Duale, as they both agreed with each other for the first time.


The Education Committee chaired by Busia MP Florence Mutua had approved Prof Fatuma Chege as PS for a newly created state department called The State Department for Implementation of Curriculum.


However, Raila Odinga-led ODM MPs, supported by Ruto allied legislators, protested the creation of the post saying it risked worsening the challenge of a bloated government workforce.

Led by Minority Leader John Mbadi and Whip Junet Mohamed, the leaders called for rejection of the PS saying the role can be given to five PSs at the ministry.
They questioned the need for another Principal Secretary in a ministry that already has five PSs.


This show of unity between the Raila and Ruto camps against Uhuru was the first time they had ever come together against a presidential project.
Junet called on Parliament to reject the nominee to send a message to the Executive that the country is not ready for more burdens.

“There are five PSs in Education ministry. Let us reject something for the first time as a House,” Mbadi said.


This debacle occasioned by Fatuma Chege’s proposal and consequent rejection forced National Assembly Majority Leader Amos Kimunya to beat a hasty retreat and re-strategise.
Kimunya said the House risked making a decision based on a wrong premise and thus sought that the debate on the motion on the approval be adjourned in line with Standing Order 96.[0]=AT2nohmne97bhPJyET5y0lZ5XT82bhfR-ALJfp9A9UVkoospYgtkapRPBxzy2kVN8m5XTGu1PLYy71y1SM26YU6RkSGCIoOnXXXlhCSAmjvH6Qn5AP6KQtHEEqOhQjo_1741hzOrtST64ch0DYeV8GavHJCboAd12a4mm6j0XFbkhBc

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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