Just how old is Churchill? Veteran singer says she idolized Churchill as a schoolkid

One of the biggest and most well-known singers in the country, and who will be soon celebrating 20 years in the industry, mentioned something very incredible and telling, while paying tribute to comedian Dan Ndambuki, popularly known as Churchill. Her statement is set to go a long way in finally revealing just exactly how old the comedian is.


Churchill’s age, alongside that of Sheila Mwanyigha, has been the topic of much speculation, with it having been kept secret from tabloids, and the media in general. Although he shot to the limelight back in the nineties after having starred in productions such as Tausi and Kisuli suli, his exact age continues to be the subject of much debate.

The latest pointer to Churchill’s birth certificate interestingly came from the set of his very own show.

This was during the interview he had with respected gospel songstress, Mercy Masika.

Mercy began with a brief recollection of her early life, narrating her birth and childhood in Eastern before joining Muthale girls during her O-levels. She had a terrible experience in that school where she was subjected to corporal punishment on the first day of her arrival. The draconian and suffocating rules made it impossible for her to continue there and so she relocated to Machakos girls.
Mercy revealed that it was in Machakos girls that she first met Churchill, who had come to perform a string of set book plays in their school.

She didn’t specify the years when all this was taking place, but it goes a long way in giving an idea of just exactly how old Churchill may be, especially considering the fact that Mercy herself is no spring chicken.

Not only has she been married for more than ten years, but she has been officially in the music industry for close to twenty years.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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