Juliani’s baby mama and former girlfriend Brenda speaks about exes as rumours rage on

“I would literally never!!” were Brenda Wairimu’s exact words on the issue of her and an ex. This comes as the country is on fire with reports of Juliani allegedly being in a situationship with former Machakos First Lady Lilian Nganga Mutua.

Brenda Wairimu, who goes by the name Brenda The African Actor on Twitter plays the role of Rosette on the local popular Television series Selina. In order to totally understand the cryptic tweet that Brenda Wairimu posted, it’s necessary to put everything into context.


Selina follows the tortured romance between Selina and Nelson Mackenzie. Selina, who comes from humble beginnings, first meets Nelson while working at the flower plantation owned by the wealthy Mackenzies (Nelson’s family). Soon after, in a classic Cinderella-esque twist, Selina is sold off by her jealous stepmother (Wakio Mzenge, My Two Wives) to work as a maid at the Mackenzie household in the city. Meeting again, Nelson and Selina’s star-crossed love blossoms despite all the challenges they face, and in a world that is determined to crush their love any chance it gets.
Enter Rosette played by Brenda Wairimu. Through a series of devious machinations, she manages to marry Nelson instead. However, her dark past catches up with her, and she’s more or less, Mackenzie’s ex now.
The tweet by Sinema Focus, which Brenda was replying to read,

Sinema Focus KE
We see your crazy ex and we raise you Rosette. Look who’s back on Selina @BrendaWairimu, how long before uanze kutetemesha nyumba ya Mackenzie?

This is because Rosette’s role in the show has been reprised, and Brenda has made a comeback.

n her tweet which she also posted the Sinema Focus tweet, replying to the accusation of going back to her ex, he simply wrote,
“Me??? I would literally never…”

Worth noting is that Brenda Wairimu and Juliani were involved in a whirlwind romance a while back that resulted in a beautiful child by the two. Although they’ve since separated, they continue to co-parent.

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