Juliani, the CBC and what he says 8-4-4 taught him about dealing with other people’s wives

In a week where a lot has been said about the Competency Based Curriculum, CBC, the now controversial Hip-hop artiste Juliani had something to say about 8-4-4, and how it helped him scoop former Machakos governor’s partner Alfred Mutua, Lilian Nganga. The rapper, during an exclusive interview with Standard’s Charles Otieno, reinforced his already stark bad-boy image when he couldn’t even remember when exactly he first met Lilian, a stunning woman who most men wouldn’t forget the time, date, month and even venue of their meeting. Totally unable to remember, he eventually brushed it aside, telling Charles, in an uninterested tone, that it was probably in early June or mid June thereabouts.

In an action-packed week that saw the Cabinet Secretary for Education, professor George Magoha come out with the strongest declaration yet, and asserting unequivocally that the CBC was here to stay, and consequently attracting the attention of LSK president Nelson Havi who then immediately headed to the courts, Hip-hop artiste Juliani also had something to say about his meeting Lilian Nganga, and how the 8-4-4 system helped him in this.

Having disclosed to his interviewer that the two met in June, he went on to say that the education system which he underwent never taught him as a man to snooze around but act quick and first when called upon.

In a further testament to his rugged image which, as expected, has interestingly won him the hearts of many more women, he appeared to prove right those who have been blasting Lilian by saying that Juliani simply just wanted the thrill of being with a powerful man’s wife, and sleeping with her for a while, and that he has no serious plans for her. This came out when Charles asked him what his next plans for Lilian were, now that there is no impediment standing on their way. He pushed further, asking if marriage was on the horizon. Juliani laughed away the question before making it clear that this wasn’t among his plans.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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