Jubilee party hints at plans to dismiss Deputy President William Ruto ahead of 2022 general election

The Jubilee party’s Management Committee (NMC) has revealed that it will write a letter to the Registrar of Political Parties in a bid to oust Deputy President William Ruto from the party for misconduct.

The ruling jubilee party leadership has claimed that Ruto has been violating the party’s constitution by spearheading the agenda of the rival United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

Jubilee is now demanding that the Registrar of Political party to remove Ruto’s name as the party’s deputy leader and member after he was seen several times promoting UDA, which he plans to use in his trip to the White House.

“The law on political parties is clear that when you are a member of a political party, you cannot support another party, in fact you will be seen as resigning from the first party. That is the law,” Kimunya said. leader of the National Assembly.

Kimunya also added that apart from violating party rules, Ruto has also gone against the country’s constitution and was therefore fired.

“For a person with the rank of deputy leader of the party who is also the deputy president of the republic of Kenya, who took an oath using the Bible to abide by the law and the constitution, it is unfortunate that he continues to deceive,” Kimunya said.

As plans to oust Ruto from Jubilee begin to heat up, the party’s Secretary General Raphael Tuju said they would be locking Ruto out of party affairs to allow him to continue campaigning in 2022.

“I would like to ask those who want the DP to resign. Stop wasting your time, he cannot resign. He is not such a person. Let’s focus on 2022,” Tuju said.

Ruto and his allies have been saying the party is dead. The crisis in the party began in 2020 after the war between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy began to be publicly denied.

The rift saw some Ruto insiders lose their Jubilee party titles to those who leaned on the president.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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