Jubilee Asili Center owner speaks on threats that forced him to kick DP Ruto’s team from the premises

New details have emerged on Deputy President William Ruto’s troubles after his team was kicked out of Jubilee Asili Center.

The involvement of powerful individuals and threats are the latest to hit the Tanga Tanga bandwagon barely a month after DP Ruto and his allies were kicked out of the Jubilee party headquarters at Pangani and banned from using the premises to coordinate their political activities.

The DP and his Tanga Tanga brigades were banned from using their newly found and established Jubilee Asili headquarters in Milimani Nairobi.

The Second in Command and his team of the Tanga Tanga leaders were kicked out of the Milimani building amid threat claims from high ranking individuals in the government.

Led by Kimilili Member of Parliament and a close associate of the DP said the owner of the building kicked them out after receiving threats “from above”.

Barasa added that the Landlord recently changed the language that the building is not supposed to host any political tenant, as it was a threat to the environment due to noise pollution and destruction of property due to political unrest.

“We closed down the center because the owner has been receiving numerous and constant threats from top officials in the government. They have been claiming that our presence in the area has caused a lot of noise pollution and that the building is not supposed to be used for political purposes,” communicated Didmus Barasa.

Barasa added that they have halted their meetings from the premises amid consultation with the owner of the building.

“We are consulting with the owner since he has been instructed by the government to kick us out. He has ordered us to vacate the premises but we have been in consultations for two months now. This is the actual reason why we decided to halt our regular meetings as we try to find an amicable solution,” stated MP Barasa.

The Kilimani based offices were launched by the DP and his associates to strategize and coordinate his 2022 activities ahead of the general elections.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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