John Alan Namu hints at real reason Raila went to Dubai in scandalous accusation

For the longest time, John Alan Namu was constantly accused of being Raila Odinga’s project, and whose task was to attack the government and portray it in bad light. This was back when he was still at KTN. However, going by his latest remarks, he’s likely to now be accused of being an anti-Raila agent. This follows his latest startling and sensational claims about The Dubai trip.

In a stunning retweet which was originally posted by Simon Allison, the ”freelance’ journalist who now runs “Africa Uncensored” claimed that all African leaders who take trips to Dubai do so with an aim of taking part in tax evasion. He then went ahead to post a link to a story on tax evasion which pretty much said the same thing. His tweet read,

Allan Namu Retweeted
Simon Allison
If you were wondering why our leaders keep visiting Dubai, wonder no more. Really important piece by @WillFitzgibbon on the role of the UAE in hiding money for African elites

What won’t be lost on many observers is the fact that the latest high profile politician to go to Dubai is the Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga who toured the UAE city just recently. The article by Will Fitzgibbon reads in part,

Owning shell companies and bank accounts in the UAE, one of the world’s most secretive financial havens, is a growing trend among African politicians and their business allies.
“The UAE is the center of the world,” Nour El Fath Azali, 37, recently told ICIJ media partner La Gazette des Comores.
The Pandora Papers investigation discovered secretive Emirati financial interests of politicians and powerful business leaders from 17 African countries.
The Pandora Papers, a global media collaboration that exposes the hidden financial deals of the world’s rich and powerful, is based on leaked records from 14 firms that help set up shell companies and bank accounts. Among these so-called offshore providers is SFM Corporate Services, based in the UAE’s financial capital, Dubai.
“The UAE, de facto, tolerates illicit flows and trades that other more reputable international financial centers shun,” said Ricardo Soares de Oliveira, a University of Oxford professor who leads a research project on African countries and major financial centers, including Dubai. “In exchange for its acceptance that dubious players and monies be based in the country, the UAE merely asks wealthy Africans to stay out of local politics and stay within the boundaries of local law,” Soares de Oliveira said.

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