Jimmy Kibaki speaks; powerful woman who blocked Mudavadi from 2013 presidency revealed

To this very day, events that preceded the 2013 general elections and which saw the then deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi lose in his first presidential bid by a huge margin, have always featured Uhuru Kenyatta prominently in them. Almost everyone remembers how Uhuru and Ruto drove to Mudavadi’s Riverside residence and signed a pre-election pact with him, pledging to support him in the election. Uhuru would appear at a TNA event days later, reneging and claiming demons (mademoni) pushed him to sign the pact. However, Jimmy Kibaki is now revealing that the actual betrayal came from somewhere else.

In the much talked about interview with the Daily Nation, the Son of the retired president, in a piece titled, “The Untold Story of My Father’s Presidency” revealed that indeed there had been concerted efforts by some State House operatives to push for a Musalia Mudavadi succession of his father, but the actual stumbling block to this was none other than his own mother, Lucy Kibaki.
Jimmy said that there had been plans by unnamed people to block Uhuru Kenyatta from the presidency, but Lucy got wind of the plot and threw her weight fully behind Uhuru.
He said,

“The pro-Musalia camp argued that he was the most agreeable candidate across the nation and the most peaceful, with some telling the President that the country was not ready for another Kikuyu head of state after him, and that Uhuru carried the ICC baggage anyway.
Those supporting Musalia even managed to block Uhuru from reaching the President. When it came to my attention I went and told the President and the State House Comptroller was almost fired on that day. That was one of the few times I saw my father shouting. He was very upset. He told the comptroller that Uhuru was the only person allowed to go to State House without the requirement of an appointment since “he’s my neighbour” (Uhuru has a family home bordering State House in Nairobi)…There were many attempts to influence my father but he went by what the Wazee (the elders) wanted, especially my mother…At my mother’s funeral service at Consolata, Uhuru said that if it wasn’t for my mother his history would have turned out differently. The First Lady had put her foot down and told everyone that she and the President were going to support Uhuru to succeed my father.”

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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