Jemutai reveals why she once dumped Professor Hamo

Churchill Show comedian Jemutai has revealed details about their marriage with her counterpart Professor Hamo.

Jemutai who recently exposed her husband, Hamo as a deadbeat father has disclosed that she once dumped him because of his love for women.

Speaking during a joint show dabbed Raw & Candid, the Churchill Show Comedian revealed that she had to leave her marital home after suspecting that Hamo was cheating on her with other women.

Jemutai stated that she packed her bags and left Hamo after seeing his photos with other women, having fun in Ngong.

On his part, Hamo narrated how Jemutai left him and came back to her home after a while.

The comedian said he got home, only to find that Jemutai had left him his house keys.

”I came back home and found that you had packed and left. But, I knew you would come back. This was the second time she was leaving. I could not do anything so I just let her go, but she came back after barely two weeks. So you came back and started complaining a lot about my house, and you were also thinking I was having many women in my life” Hamo said.

During their show, Jemutai further asked her husband if indeed her allegations that he had many women in his life were true.

”Kwani ni uongo? Do you remember the Ngong story? Herman I am not a mad woman to just wake up and say things that are not factual,” Jemutai stated.

In his defence, Hamo said that he only hanged out with his colleagues from work and Jemutai got mad after seeing photos of him and them during one of their hangouts in Ngong.’

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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