JB Masanduku rips to shreds his marriage to Tina in bitter tell-all show mellowed with jokes

A comedian will insult you right in your face and make it look like he is joking. This was exactly how popular comedian JB Masanduku went all out in his latest interview concerning his marriage to Tina Kaggia. While a lot is known about the former couple’s short-lived stormy and passionate marriage, JB has come out to reveal details of exactly how it all began. From disclosing that Tina literally threw herself at him when he went to work at Radio Africa, the tall comedian also revealed that while Tina’s family readily accepted him, his family, on the other hand, wasn’t really interested in him marrying the popular radio presenter. He then went on to spill even more of what transpired, but coating all these massive revelations with jokes.

JB was speaking after making an appearance on ntv’s Churchill Show which is hosted by comedian Dan Ndambuki popularly known as Churchill. In the show’s Journey Series, Masanduku shared how he left the country for further studies before coming back into the country to once more enroll in Strathmore for even more further studies. He said that he was able to gain a spot on Churchill through a friend who linked him through to the iconic comedian.

After Churchill organised a job for him in radio, he began working in Kiss FM. He admits that although he had previously listened to Tina Kagia, he had never seen her and so when he saw a tiny lady struggling to wave to him, he had no idea who she was.

In an amusing flashback, he recalled that it was in fact his host, Churchill, who later introduced the two to each other.

He shared how they then met again at one FM, and Tina suggested that they pretend to be dating. As things began getting serious, JB said that once more Tina playfully floated the idea of marriage.
According to him, when they went to Tina’s parents, they were welcoming and accommodating.

However, his family was totally against the idea and this forced them to get married at the Attorney General’s chambers.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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