Jasper Murume shares how his Meru accent has ruined opportunities from his hot looks

Although Vaite Jasper Murume may joke about it, listening to him, one can’t help but notice a tinge of regret in his voice. The tall comedian who enjoys a huge female following shared about the many opportunities that his good looks have afforded him. However, he noted that each time, his heavy Meru village accent has ruined it for him. He said that the very first time this happened was during the Zetech college beauty pageant where he was headed for sure victory as Mr. Zetech. However, the organizers decided to choose him as first runners-up, fearful that his accent was going to make a mockery of the acceptance speech in case he was crowned the winner.

The second time that again his accent ruined what was clearly a golden opportunity was when he had cleared college. This time, after having completed his journalism related course, he went to a media house as an intern. Because of his photogenic looks he was taken to the broadcast media section, where he was expected to read news items, and other on-screen presentations.

However, he was immediately shelved after his first try. In what sounded like insensitive and cruel conduct, Murume said that his boss bluntly told him he hadn’t made the cut because of his thick Meru accent.

Jasper Murume was speaking all this when he appeared on ntv’s Churchill Show’s The Journey Series hosted by popular comedian Dan Ndambuki, popularly known as Churchill.

Jasper revealed how, after many false starts and disappointments with everything he tried his hands on, he eventually packed his bags and went back to the village disappointed.

It was back in a Meru village that he slowly began gaining interest in comedy. He reminisced about how he struggled with his budding comic career alongside Terence Creative who was also just starting out and trying to make a name for himself.

Jasper recalled how Churchill himself then took special notice of him and began picking him for shows, from where he perfected his skill, and has been growing since then.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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