Janet Mbugua reveals details about her first job as News Anchor

Media personality Janet Mbugua has revealed how she had to invest in expensive suits and pair of shoes for her first job as a news anchor.

The former Citizen Tv news anchor stated that she had to buy expensive suits and shoes for her first Tv job which according to her paid off in the long run.

Appearing on Shoe Game show that was hosted by Azziad Nasenya, on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 Mbugua revealed that she bought her first pairs of shoes at Ksh. 11,000 shillings adding that the shoes were helped her for good posture.

“One of the first pairs of shoes I ever wore as a news anchor in 2007, was Ksh 11,000. I Kept them for a really long time but they served the purpose for news. They were really high heels, good quality and they helped with the posture.

“It was a painful experience because I wasn’t making that much money, but I had to invest in suits and shoes, 3 suits and that pair, but I kept them for like 3 or four years. So it paid off,” Mbugua stated.

Mbugua further stated that her friend invited her for a radio presenter job in a new FM Radio Station called Pulse FM where she passed her interview and got employed for a monthly salary of Ksh10,000, which she alleged was not paid for three months.

“I was in Mombasa in 2003, and my friend told me that there was a new radio station looking for presenters, and urged me to go and try it out, and so I went. It was known as Pulse FM.

“When I went to the interview, the interviewer told me to say anything into the microphone. So I said ‘hi, my name is Janet’ and he told me to start the next day,” she narrated.

She later joined Citizen TV studios as the Monday Special broadcast host alongside Hussein Mohammed.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi




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