Jane Ngoiri and Linda Ogutu troll and mock Trevor Ombija

In what is now emerging as a worrying trend for Kenyan men and which reeks of gender fraud and embezzlement, Trevor Ombija became the latest high profile man in the country to admit that even after being entertained by his fiancé’s family which managed to craftily secure bride-price from him, she still went ahead to dump him. This comes hot on the heels of a similar confession from Daddy Marto who admitted to being swindled through such as con game. And even as men societies ponder petitioning Beatrice Elachi who is the Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Public Service and Gender, to look into the issue more intensely, prominent women in the society seem to be treating the entire issue as a joke.

News anchor Jane Ngoiri took time to mock Trevor Ombija’s experience on her Twitter timeline. Treating the incident as a laughing matter, Ngoiri wrote,

Jane Ngoiri, HSC
My current JD…Doctari wa maradhi ya moyo…my first client@TrevorOmbija Sasa tumia roho kupiga damu mwilini,mapenzi weka kwa mapafu…

As if this wasn’t enough, KTN news anchor Linda Ogutu who was just coming out of a long hiatus occasioned by the deadly Corona virus arrived with a bang by retweeting the offensive tweet by her playful colleague.

In an interview, Ombija said that currently he is single and not ready to mingle, affirming that he is working on himself to be a better person.
Trevor told Mpasho that he was dumped even after paying bride price back in 2015.

“I was badly heart broken, I am single, not looking. I need to fix myself first. Everybody deserves the best version of the other person.
Don’t go into a relationship when you are broken. Right now I will admit it
“I am from a relationship that lasted 10 years. It is one of those relationships that were over, then they are back again
I actually took dowry to her home on December 5,2015, then akaniacha. She said that she needs to find herself,” he shared

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