Jamila Mohamed concentrates on raped girl from Somaliland, ignores Wanjala’s victims

Barely a year since Garissa County Women Representative Anab Gure caused a stir in the country after a photo of her pausing with the Somalia flag surfaced at the height of diplomatic wrangles between Kenya and Somalia, now celebrated Kiswahili news anchor Jamila Mohamed who is a darling to many has taken a move that is expected to leave many people wondering whether she considers herself Kenyan or Somali.

At a time when the entire country has been gripped with shock emerging from the heinous and heart-wrenching account of self-confessed child killer Masten Wanjali Milimu, Jamila Mohamed gave the whole issue a wide berth. Instead, she preferred to share her sympathies with a certain girl from Somaliland who was apparently raped and murdered.

On her active Twitter handle, Jamila Mohamed retweeted a tweet by one Ayan Mahamoud who was decrying the state of security in Somaliland following the killing of a young girl called Hinda Abdi after she was raped in a bus, all this happening in Hargyesa.

The retweet which she posted on her handle read,

Jamila Mohamed Retweeted

Ayan Mahamoud MBE

Jul 13
Heartbroken to hear another young sister, Hinda Abdi is raped and killed in a bus in Hargeysa, by the bus driver and his staff. It’s time for president
and our government to act and take tough stand. #Somaliland

While this incident quoted by Jamila is indeed a sad one, especially if it really took place under the circumstances presented, the image of aloofness that Jamila created in the process is one that is not only discomforting but curious as well.

For some time now, Kenyans of Somali ethnicity have been accused of lacking patriotism because of identifying more with the neighbouring Somali territories, than with the republic of Kenya. There has been no evidence to prove this.

After the Anab Gure incident concerning the photo with a Somali flag, she claimed that her security had been withdrawn due to what she termed as a misunderstanding concerning the photo. She said that the photo had been taken long before the Kenya-Somalia dispute.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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