James Mwangi deconstructs DP William Ruto’s 30 B bottom-up approach with figures

In a brief but detailed breakdown full of figures and statistical quotations, James Mwangi easily dismissed William Ruto’s plan to empower low level earners, popularly known as hustlers, with a 30 billion kitty.

Doing some quick-fire mathematical calculations, James Mwangi said that there are 16 million unemployed people in Kenya. This means only 2000 shillings for each hustler, when divided against the 30 B. Yet even a wheelbarrow goes for 3500 at Gikomba. Going further to disprove the DP’s plan, he added that even if somehow the DP’s plan was to work, and the money would eventually be able to afford a wheelbarrow, it still wouldn’t be enough to cover the added expenses after county governments, popularly known as Kanjo, demand for licensing.

James Mwangi who was speaking on behalf of the disabled, and also as a political analyst, was a guest on Radio Jambo’s weekly political show, Mazungumzo Wazi Wazi which is hosted by Bramwell Mwololo. Other guests on the show included former nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura, pastor and political commentator Gerald Bitok, lawyer and activist Brian Weke, and Amani National Congress party official Mulama.

James Mwangi went on to further expound on his critique, saying that the entire bottom-up approach theory was premised on triggering empowerment from down, headed upwards. The main aim of the approach is not to exclude the rich or the upper classes of society, but rather, to spread the nation’s wealth to every sector of the society, but beginning from down.

Mwangi nevertheless went on to put this eventuality in doubt by asking whether the so called hustlers would be able to generate enough wealth to reach other sectors across the country, if they themselves won’t have been empowered enough. Going back to his wheelbarrow analogy, he paused the question to his host and others in the studio; if a person that isn’t empowered enough to afford even a wheelbarrow, could generate enough wealth to impact other sections in the society.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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