Jacob Ghost Mulee; the newest multi-millionaire in town.

In Kenya, it is quite rare, or even next to impossible for someone to engage in a deal that rakes in for him hundreds of millions without being corrupt.
However, after recently pulling off an incredible deal, current Harambee Stars coach and popular Radio Jambo presenter Jacob “Ghost” Mulee is quickly becoming a perfect example for the youth by proving to them that one can become an extremely wealthy man, or woman, by simply doing clean business, and not engaging in graft.
Back in the day, Jacob Ghost Mulee founded Liberty Sports Academy alongside a Ghanaian who has since sadly passed away.
Mulee continues to run the organisation, which is a football academy.
One of the most famous products to ever come out of Liberty Sports Academy is Harambee Stars striker, Michael Olunga.
Jacob Ghost Mulee, through his football academy, groomed and raised Olunga over a period of more than 6 years.
The striker, formerly based in Japan, recently signed a deal with a Qatari club in a move that is said to have been worth close to a billion shillings.
Now, FIFA rules on compensation state that whenever a player attracts a transfer fee, there’s a share that goes to all the teams and organisations which helped nurture him. It is in connection with this, that ghost is poised to pocket quite a hefty amount as “engineer” Olunga makes his move to the 2022 World Cup hosts.
It isn’t the first time that the experienced coach cum football scout is reaping from his faith and efforts in the talented player. Jacob Ghost Mulee is reported to have pocketed close to 40 million shillings back in 2017 when Olunga first made his move to South Asia after his transfer from Sweden’s Diurgardens IF to China’s Guanzhou Hengfeng Zhichen .
Considering that the amount in question with this Qatari deal dwarfs the sum that Guanzhou Hengfeng dished out three years ago, the amount Ghost is expected to make definitely rests in the region of nine-figures.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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