Jacob Ghost Mulee stamps his authority in impressive display of power

Despite being much older than his Radio Jambo co-host Gidi, not to mention ten times richer than him too, national soccer team head coach Jacob Ghost Mulee has always let Gidi have his way whenever the two have come to a standstill of sorts on their popular morning radio show titled Gidi na Ghost Asubuhi. So accommodating has Ghost been of Gidi’s tantrums, that over the years, Gidi has gotten to acting like a little spoilt brat that must get whatever he wants. This was so much so, that a couple of months ago, Wanajambo rose up in protest over the way Gidi treats his colleague.

However, in this week’s episode of their daily morning show, the former Tusker Sports Club coach stamped his authority in exceptional fashion, leaving listeners wanting more and wishing that he could stand up to Gidi more often.

During the day’s Patanisho, which is a segment within their show that seeks to bring together feuding parties that have had a falling out in the past, a woman called Brenda sent a message. The message said that her husband by the name Omondi had parted ways with her months earlier. According to Brenda, everything had just been going on well until one day Omondi suddenly left unannounced and since then, had never gone back to their home. On top of this, he had left her pregnant. Brenda wanted the duo to call Omondi and reconcile them.
To everybody’s surprise, Gidi declared that Brenda’s case didn’t meet the requirements for a Patanisho case, and wanted to drop it. This was when Ghost rose up and protested.

Ghost’s argument was the same with what everybody else was thinking; a couple had differed because of some undisclosed reason, and one side wanted reconciliation with the other side. This surely was a typical Patanisho case.

Gidi tried a weak argument that the presence of an unborn child meant the show should be on Masawe’s Dead Beat. However, with an unbelievable and unexpected rock solid resolve, Ghost shut down Gidi, not even giving him a chance to speak. Instead, he basically forced him to proceed and conduct Brenda’s Patanisho, which the defeated and cowed Gidi finally had no choice but to do.

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