Jacob Ghost Mulee reveals that his own son nearly beat him up

Jacob Ghost Mulee has lived the last 20 or so years as either the Harambee Stars coach, or the former Harambee Stars coach. So constant has been his hiring and firing and hiring again by the national team, that it has become material for online jokes. Currently, he’s once again the former National Football team Harambee Stars coach. Nevertheless, he stunned his fans with a startling confession that few expected from him.

Radio Jambo presenter Jacob Ghost Mulee is one prominent personality who has mastered the art of keeping his personal and private life far away from the limelight. Little is known about his sons who are rumoured to be quite handsome young men, and whenever he talks about his wife on air, he uses a playful Kamba moniker which is obviously not her real name.

However, during yesterday’s episode of the popular show Patanisho, he let out something that got many of his listeners talking.

Just to put things into context, Patanisho is a segment within the popular Radio Jambo morning show known as Gidi na Ghost Asubuhi, and is run by Gidi and the former National football team head coach, Jacob Ghost Mulee. It basically invites callers to send in problems they may be having concerning broken relationships, from romantic ones, familial, to even professional relationships. The hosts usually take it upon themselves to mediate on behalf of the caller, and seek forgiveness or understanding from the aggrieved party.

During the case in question, a listener called in explaining that after marrying a woman from Meru, he had relocated to Meru, bought land and even built there, despite being a Kamba man. However, his family had began adopting Meru traditions and it emerged that there had been a disagreement concerning his son’s circumcision. While he had preferred a normal circumcision ceremony, the son and his mother preferred a Meru ceremony, and this later degenerated into a fight between father and son.
Reflecting on this, Gidi said that teenage sons are very difficult to handle, and one needs to be pretty careful. This was when Ghost revealed that a similar thing almost happened to him.

He however clarified that the confrontation didn’t get to a point of physical assault.

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