Itumbi Reveals Plans By Deep State To Betray Raila And Flush Him Out Of Government

In a morning post, Itumbi, in a well laid out step by step strategies, revealed how the deep state has orchestrated a plan in collaboration with Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka and ANC party leader Musalai Mudavadi to betray Raila in 2022. The self-proclaimed hustler nation spokesman claimed that there are plans by the deep state, through Kalonzo’s Wiper party, to form an outfit by the name Kenya Moja. According to Itumbi, the new party will be used to pull Kalonzo and Mudavadi away from Raila and in the process isolate the ODM party leader.

“Fixing BABA Deep State through Wiper has registered One Kenya Movement (OKM). The slogan is Kenya Moja. Kenya Moja, incidentally is also the BBI slogan and clarion call. The idea is to pull out Kalonzo Musyoka and Musalia Mudavadi from Raila Odinga and therefore Isolate him. By weakening Tinga, the Harambee House prefects hope to create another alternate Coalition and in their thinking force Tinga to join them.”

“They are clearly not seeing all the other options available to Tinga. It does not stop there, in the event they have their way on making Kananu, Governor – They have already told Kalonzo to suggest the name of the Deputy Governor. Therefore ignoring Tinga and ODM. Deep State, Harambee House Prefects and related wheeler Dealers assume they can betray and fight everyone and just get away with it.” read Itumbi’s post.

By pulling away from Raila, the deep State is allegedly hoping that Raila will be forced to join the Kenya Moja outfit, hence coming in as a desperate partner with less influence in government. But in a quick rejoinder,ODM, through its Director of Communications Philip Etale, told Itumbi that they are used to politics of betrayal and that if his sentiments were anything to go by, then they are ready to face off with the deep State.

Etale said the deep State will be rudely shocked if they are indeed trying to isolate Raila as insinuated by Itumbi.

“We are used to politics of BETRAYAL. We ain’t sleeping either. They will be SHOCKED if your analysis is anything to go by,” read Etale’s reply to Itumbi.

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    Written by KDB




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