It’s my kizungu mingi that wins cases for ODM, says Otiende as he rubbishes Mbadi’s SMS claims

With the enviable distinction of being the only Senior Counsel in the National Assembly, it has been curious that ever since his dramatic removal as vice-chair of the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee in the National Assembly, Otiende Amollo had not come out to explain his position in his usually articulate and well-spoken demeanour.


The last time that the Rarieda member of parliament made a major communication concerning the issue was, ironically, moments before his ouster.
The former government ombudsman wrote on his Twitter feed,

The Vicissitudes Of Politics. So, The Schemers Want Me Out Of JLAC. I Will Take It In Grace & Stride

However, two hours ago, while appearing on Citizen TV’s morning show Daybreak which was hosted by Trevor Ombija, Otiende Amollo came out to viciously defend himself.

Otiende claimed that his ouster had absolutely nothing to do with BBI, but rather, was the work of ODM operatives he called schemers. Remaining tight-lipped on why these so called schemers were out to get him, he revealed that he remains in constant communication with Raila Odinga with whom he has a good relationship.

He was appearing on the show alongside Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei, Kiambu senator Kimani Wamatangi and Machakos governor Dr. Alfred Mutua.

Governor Mutua asked him whether he thought that perhaps, his quick and steady rise within the ODM ranks made some party bigwigs feel threatened hence the Kizungu mingi slur. Otiende calmly replied that the same people accusing him of that were the same ones depending on his Kizungu to win ODM cases at the Supreme Court.

The Kizungu mingi comment had been made by ODM’s Communications director, Dennis Onyango.

As for the claims which are appearing in today’s paper about Mbadi saying that Otiende threatened ODM through a text message, Otiende referred to it as rubbish and told Trevor to have Mbadi produce the text the next time they spoke.[0]=AT3bkKezJf0TvLdxJpcO_iWWyyFiOSEHrwm8gWjpi0pR146bFvy08ZvBZ8PWWfZ_3A-yYQosIVdgXCBo7S5yrDJX9eBsFwjXbyn3AooVZEHD0S-LbUZadvICx4C9ZXOlz_x5blgoeexlZtmUM4-SP7oMKlZIuJLb3oIMr2tZw5CtXWk

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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