Isiolo community group calls for abolition of democracy

A group of Somali extraction from Isiolo has come out to make very unusual and unprecedented demands from the authorities.


The group which identified itself as a minority group that has suffered marginalisation and discrimination in the hands of previous successive regimes, stated that due to their low numbers, they stand a small chance of ever getting fair treatment, as long as government participation and revenue allocation will continue to be based on democratic models molded by numerical considerations.


The group argued that the current democratic model upon which the country premises its operations, only favoured the major tribes and left small ethnic minorities suffering and marginalised.


They instead advocated for a pseudo-democracy kind of approach which they referred to as negotiated democracy. In the negotiated democracy, they said they would be part and parcel of a much bigger and all inclusive panel or forum that will manage the affair of making a government, but through consensus.


It is worth noting that communities from the northern part of the country have for long practiced this form of elective representation. Village elders and clan leaders who wield a lot of power in the northern Kenya region, gather and agree upon a candidate from a certain clan. Most of the time, the elders use clans as a basis for their decisions. They distribute the gubernatorial seat, senator post, county representative and MP equally so that every clan is represented.


Kenyans recently got a chance to be treated to a typical scenario of negotiated democracy when former Garissa Senator Yusuf Haji died. The elders got together and settled on the departed senator’s son, Abdul Haji, as his successor. So flawless and well-coordinated was the process that eventually when the IEBC announced the race open, Abdul took the seat unopposed since no one challenged him at the ballot.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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