Isaac Mwaura; I wasted time trying to sell Raila in Central and it has affected me up-to-date

While Raila Odinga is considered by his supporters as undoubtedly the one politician who has suffered the single most painful fate of constantly having his kindness repaid with ungrateful kicks and slaps in the face, Isaac Mwaura’s latest remarks are likely to grab special attention. Although for a while now he has been a bitter critic of Raila, his recent scathing attack on the former Premier is by far the most vicious. Mwaura first came to the national limelight as a nominated Member of parliament in the Orange Democratic Movement party under Raila Odinga. Despite this, Mwaura’s exit from the party before the 2017 polls was quite acrimonious, with him accusing Raila of taking part in rituals under rivers with West African spiritualists.


The former nominated Senator who had previously been representing People Living with Disabilities, was speaking on Radio Jambo’s weekly political show Mazungumzo Wazi Wazi which is hosted by Bramwell Mwololo. Also in the studio was Amani National Congress party official Mulama, lawyer and activist Brian Weke, and joining through the phone was embattled Thirdway Alliance founder Ekuru Aukot.


While speaking about how unpopular Raila is in Central Kenya, Mwaura said that he had tried selling Raila in Central for ten years during his days in ODM, but it had all failed. Doubling down, he said that even today, people taunt him saying that he still smells the stench of ODM. He added that he was afraid for Wambugu Ngunjiri, who he predicted, will have the same thing happen to him.

“Just try putting Raila on the ballot, and I assure you, Kikuyus will turn up one hundred percent to vote against him. You can’t sell Raila to Central. That day when Raila’s planned trip to the region was stopped just at Githurai, did you see David Murathe or Maina Kamanda there? Do you know why? Because they knew it was an impossible task.”

Referring to Raila’s recent trip to the Coast where he met Central Kenya leaders, Mwaura dared those present in the meeting like Shebesh and Kanini Kega to try the same in Central.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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