Is Nimrod Taabu headed out of Citizen?

For the longest time, Kiswahili news anchor Nimrod Taabu was synonymous with ntv. He had come to personify the Kimathi Street based media house, and whenever people saw him, immediately, ntv came to mind. Because of all this, it came as not just a shock, but also rather, an unexpected move, when it was announced that he, alongside Jamila Mohamed, were going to be among the presenters leaving ntv to join Citizen.

However, now looking at the recent updates that the seasoned Kiswahili anchor has been updating, it is curious whether Citizen TV might have just been a transit for him, and he’s headed to the national broadcaster, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, KBC.

It is a very rare thing for a journalist to retweet a tweet of a journalist working for a different media house, let alone to tweet about a different media house altogether. However, this is what Nimrod Taabu has been doing, not once, or even twice, but now, severally.

Just the other day, he retweeted a tweet by KBC’s new anchor, and who was formerly with K24, Shiksha Aurora. The tweet read,

Live in 5 minutes on @KBCchannel1 TUNE IN ? Where will you be watching from? #EasyFriday

As surprising as this tweet was, where he was basically telling his followers to tune in to KBC, it wasn’t the only one. Before this, he had retweeted another tweet by another KBC presenter by the names Purity Museo.

Her tweet, which was more emotional and nostalgic, compared to Shiksha’s read,

Am dedicating tonight’s bulletin to my late mom who saw this moment some 15 years ago when she told me: ‘You will be the best amongst your peers.’ Thank you Lord.
and I are ON tonight, 9PM. Where will you be tuned in from? #ThisIsKBC

Before these two tweets was yet another tweet affiliated to KBC.
With such a relentless and consistent update of tweets seeming to promote another station, it’s a matter of wait and see as to whether Nimrod Taabu will be the latest acquisition for KBC which has gone on a shopping spree for top new anchors.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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