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Irene ‘Renee’ Mayaka, the Lady Shaking Up KTN’s Madam President Show

Irene Mayaka and Raila Odinga at Capitol Hill, Nairobi.

Two years ago, I was sent to Raila Odinga’s private offices at Capitol Hill, on a mission to cover an all girls group dubbed ‘Daughters of Raila’.The pen had got me right  in the middle and crux of country’s politics.I was part of the now defunct The Kenyan Weekly Newspaper, a Leftist weekly publication bankrolled by The ODM Party  tasked with keeping the government in check.

This was one of the most eye opening assignments.It introduced me to the other world, of recording  blood, sweat and tears put on  by young women in leadership some of whom were my peers. DoR was a manifold group of young women who stomped country’s  political scene with so much gravitas it would be felt across the republic in the entire campaign period.

During the course of this assignment, I had to probe  who was behind the DoR outfit.Irene ‘Renee’ Nyakerario Mayaka’s name popped up several times.She’s a career banker who also  is a member founder  of the lobby group.After an  in depth digging I would later find out she was in charge of  resource mobilization, specifically tasked with getting funds to channel into Raila Odinga’s presidential campaigns.Her job was meritorious. Odinga’s 2017 campaigns was one of a kind, with a solid warchest which subverted the regime’s candidate, President Uhuru Kenyatta notwithstanding state machinery  behind him.

However, all that is in the past now.Renee is presently  one of the last contestants remaining in the top 7, out of 1000 participants.Grit and tenacity has put her right at the top. Her perseverance is akin to  that of a monk.This does not come as a surprise. On 21st  July 2017, her name was among the young women leaders The ODM Party had nominated in its gender to up list.Unknown to her, this would be a test of her strength and first hand experience in the murky waters of country’s politics.Awfully  because she was a young woman, with nothing but a leviathan of an ambition and her brain, plus passion. No godfathers.

Her name was fraudulently axed from the list and replaced with that of another person.The aftermath? A long and protracted court battles which ended before the country’s apex court.The battle was bloody it babbled  over to the entire Nyamira County Assembly where she was severally blocked from taking an oath as a nominated member.She would eventually be  sworn into office on Tuesday 23 April 2019 after country’s  Court of Appeal dismissed the matter on 14 February 2019 for lack of jurisdiction against The High Court ruling which had earlier dismissed the same.

Renee stands out as the ‘tried and tested’ contestant in the Ms President Academy. Even though her focus has been on  mentoring young men and women, teenage pregnancy prevention, financial literacy, responsible living and etiquette, what many might miss is she is ever a vanguard, sometimes  behind enemy lines standing for her beliefs. A typical for any President. Ready to be the first line of defense for her people.She is shaking up the Madam President show  for a reason.If this show had a face and trans mutated to a human form, it would be Irene Mayaka.

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