Interior PS Karanja Kibicho speaks on Ruto’s blocked flight

Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho has finally broken his silence on why Deputy President William Ruto was barred from travelling to Uganda.

During an interview with Citizen TV on Wednesday, August 4, 2021, Kibicho maintained that any Kenyan Citizen who intended to travel to another country ought to have a VISA, Covid-19 free Certificate, a ticket, and a clearance letter for civil servants.

“I don’t know if Ruto had all the required documents in his past trips because we are not the ones who clear him,” Kibicho stated.

The Interior Principal Secretary stated that clearance was compulsory and he could not confirm or deny whether Ruto had complied with the regulation before.

“If he ever traveled without them, the immigration officers may be the ones who failed. Hence, we cannot blame another officer who has chosen not to fail,” Kibicho added.

However, DP Ruto in his earlier interview claimed that the decision to block him from leaving the country was due to his political differences with his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The second in command claimed that he had never been asked for clearance during the nine years that he had traveled within East Africa and the world at large.

The Deputy President further accused the Government of frustrating him.

“They are now blocking me from conducting my private businesses. I was not travelling to Uganda for a government assignment. No! I was going to discuss my personal issues and future plans,” Ruto said.

“I aborted the journey and moved on. What was to happen in Uganda went on without my presence. The world has moved on. I won’t accept being used to create tension in government,” he added.



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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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